Slide In some situations, an auction may not be the best method to sell an asset. To that end, we have developed the ability to market assets for a fixed price directly to you. This type of sale allows you to control price and terms, but not the timing of the sale. Unlike buying and selling at auction, with private sales, prices are fixed and mutually agreed upon and all transactions are executed with full confidentiality.
Our private sales provides you with a bespoke approach to buying and selling outside of our auction calendar. We host private sales in a variety of categories including jewellery, arts, antiques, and collectibles which are available for immediate purchase.
Whether you are looking for a specific item or to sell an object, we are all hands on deck to help research, source or sell on your behalf.


For more information on buying and selling privately, please get in touch with our sales team

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Monochrome Dôme Ring
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